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18th Apr, 2010


Fanfiction: How To Have An Adventure (1/?) (Hetalia/How To Train Your Dragon)

Title: How To Have An Adventure (1/?)
Fandom: Hetalia/How To Train Your Dragon
Characters: Sealand, Finland, Sweden
Rating: PG
Word count: 575
Summary: As Peter turns thirteen, Tino and Berwald are anxious to find out what dragon he'll have... and what mischief he'll get up to with it.

Author's Note: I really shouldn't be allowed to have any more WIPs, but here we go. As you can probably guess, I saw How To Train Your Dragon last week, and, well, this is what came of it. Red helped me with the idea, and I love her for it. <3

This is entirely based on the film; I've not read the books. So it's probably not canon complacent with them. It's also set a couple of generations after How To Train Your Dragon.

I hope you enjoy!

PrologueCollapse )

13th Mar, 2010


Fanfiction: Coming Home (Hetalia)

Title: Coming Home
Fandom: Hetalia (Current day)
Characters: SuFin
Rating: PG
Word count: 1309
Summary: "One night, out on the road, half the world away from home. I thought she was sleeping and a call came through. I said, 'darling it's late, is everything okay?' and silence took over the world. 'I just love you. I don't know why, I just do. When are you coming home?' 'I'm coming home soon. And I just love you too.'"
Comments: Another song fic, this time inspired by Five for Fighting's "I just love you". It's another beautiful song, although this time I didn't take everything so directly from the song. I might make this into another "Moments" series. IDK. I know another Vienna Teng song is making me want to write Poland/Lithuania (who I really don't know at all aside from Kay/Red's versions), so we'll see.

10th Mar, 2010

Made in China

Fanfiction: Rose (Moments 9/100) (Hetalia)

Title: Rose
Series: Moments (9/100) (Chapter one) (Chapter eight)
Fandom: Hetalia (Current day)
Characters: FrUK
Rating: PG
Word count: 1321
Summary: England and France garden together in the summer.

9th Mar, 2010


Fanfiction: Decade and One (Hetalia)

Title: Decade and One
Fandom: Hetalia (Current day)
Characters: SuFin
Rating: PG
Word count: 2302
Summary: Finland wakes in the night to the sound of snow fall, and ends up in the sitting room, watching the snow and thinking of all that's happened to him and his Su-san.
Comments: Completely and utterly inspired by Vienna Teng's Decade and One, which is a beautiful, beautiful song. Have a listen (and if you can find a copy from the album, it's even more beautiful).

24th Dec, 2009


Fanfiction: Christmas (Moments 8/100) (Hetalia)

Title: Christmas
Series: Moments (8/100) (Chapter one) (Chapter seven) (Chapter nine)
Fandom: Hetalia (Current day)
Characters: FrUK, mentions of many others
Rating: PG
Word count: 1071
Summary: Christmas at England's house
Comments: Last minute writing ftw!

15th Dec, 2009


Fanfiction: Snow (Moments 7/100) (Hetalia)

Title: Snow
Series: Moments (7/100) (Chapter one) (Chapter six) (Chapter eight)
Fandom: Hetalia (Current day)
Characters: FrUK, mentions of America, Spain, North Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, Sealand, Russia, South Korea, China and Japan
Rating: PG-13: dear Angleterre, enough with the swearing, please.
Word count: 1138
Summary: Snow disrupts a meeting.
Comments: Mmmn. I hope it really does snow before Christmas this year. I'll be happy. <3

5th Nov, 2009


Fanfiction: Bonfire (Moments 6/100) (Hetalia)

Title: Bonfire
Series: Moments (6/100) (Chapter one) (Chapter five) (Chapter Seven)
Fandom: Hetalia (Current day) (FrUK)
Rating: U, completely innocent. No, really.
Word count: 1031
Summary: It's bonfire night at England's house.
Warnings: May be English exclusive... I'm not really sure. (Mind you, don't I put English stuff in everything I write? XD)
: Soooo much guess work. >>;; Mainly to do with their drinks, it has to be said (although I did put in almost ten whole minutes of research looking for an appropriate spirit for France! XD) The rhyme at the end is how I remember it. On second thoughts, I perhaps should have looked up an older version, since this is England we're talking about, but I'm currently late for class, so if I change it it'll have to be later.

26th Oct, 2009


Fanfiction: Opera (Moments 5/100) (Hetalia)

Title: Opera
Series: Moments (5/100) (Chapter One) (Chapter Four) (Chapter six)
Fandom: Hetalia (The not too distant future)
Characters: France and England, their Bosses
Rating: ... PG-13? England swears relatively less. XD
Word count: 1109
Summary: England is told to take France to the opera.
Comments: Written on the train on the way to expo, because, yes, I am just that classy.


OperaCollapse )


20th Oct, 2009


Fanfiction: Strikes (Moments 4/100) (Hetalia)

Title: Strikes
Series: Moments (4/100) (Chapter one) (Chapter three) (Chapter five)
Fandom: Hetalia (FrUK) (Current day, or, y'know, technically earlier this week)
Rating: ...PG 13? England doesn't swear as much, but you all know what he's like.
Word Count: 1147
Summary: The ferries are striking...again.
Comments: France might be slightly OOC in this one... I'm not sure his reaction at the end is quite right, but hey ho.


Fanfiction: Cold (Moments 3/100) (Hetalia)

Title: Cold
Series: Moments 3/100 (Chapter one) (Chapter two) (Chapter four)
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia (FrUK) (The not too distant future)
Rating: 15, thank you England and your potty mouth
Word Count: 1000 (Yes, I am aware they're getting shorter)
Summary: France has a cold.
Comments: Because France was winging that he was always looking after England.  I did warn him that it was better that way round, but did he listen?  Non.


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